Plastic Use Reduction Campaign Posters

Poster Ad Design (Student Project)







Project overview:

This was an art direction project, and my task was to design two plastic usage reduction campaign posters, specifically plastic bottles and bags, for the David Suzuki Foundation. The concept of the plastic bottle is to delineate that water in a plastic water bottle is not as pure as consumers think it is. To depict that, a magnifying glass is used to reveal the truth behind (or inside) plastic bottles. While the majority of the poster has a very pure and clean tone and feel, the magnifying glass frames the main focus—the dirty water inside the bottle. The use of hyperbole is applied to this poster.

The poster for the plastic bag depicts how long plastic bags take to degrade using the concept of a birthday celebration. The form of the birthday cake is created using plastic bags. The “1000” candle resembles the age of the plastic bag, conveying the lingering duration of plastic degradation, which severely impacts the environment due to the amount of plastic buildup over time. While the plastic bottle poster reveals its message, the plastic bag poster is more direct, as it resembles the ugliness and impact through its dark tone and mood, as well as metaphor; its strong colour palette (black, white and red) creates a political and authoritative feeling, which produces a demanding tonal effect.


Posters in Subway Station

The two posters side-by-side mounted on a wall in a subway station.

Poster: Water Bottle

The poster depicts that water bottles are not as pure as we think they are, especially due to the negative impacts they bring to the environment.

Poster: Birthday Cake

The poster shows that plastic bags take as long as a thousand years to degrade through a birthday cake composed of plastic bags.


Project Partner: Amy Kim

Instructor: Chick Rice